Hello and welcome to my blog! This is going to the be the place where I try to show off some cool cyber security things that I’m up to, as well as anything else that I want to share with the world. I hope you find something interesting while you’re here <3


Hi all! I am currently a full time Lead Security Analyst at a Security Operations Center based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My primary role is within the Network and Security Monitoring wing of the SOC, where I lead a small, yet talented group of infosec nerds. Most of my day to day involves threat hunting, threat intelligence, investigations and indicent response, as well as forensics. I am also a full time student, currently finishing up my undergrad in Computer Science, with plans to start my masters shortly after.

During my free time I enjoy reverse engineering and security research, participating in CTFs and Cyber Defense Competitions, working on projects, playing video games, hiking, and petting dogs. Oh, and sometimes I give talks, mostly at regional academic conferences. Now that I am spending more of my time doing research related things, I thought having a security blog made a lot of sense.

Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna say hello! I’m on Keybase.