Hello and welcome to my blog! This is going to the be the place where I try to show off some cool cyber security things that I’m up to, as well as anything else that comes to mind. My pipeline for this static blog is still a work in progress, though I think that I’ve found a solution that is both minimal and powerful: A Hugo statically generated site, with a Github repo tied to Now with auto-deployments. That means that on my end all I need to do is create a new file in my local git repo, type up some content, push to my upstream repo in Github, then Now handles the rest. Cool right?


Anyways, I should share a little information about myself: I am currently a full time Lead Security Analyst at a Security Operations Center based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My primary role is within the Network and Security Monitoring wing of the SOC, where I lead a small, yet talented group of infosec nerds. Most of my day to day involves threat hunting, threat intelligence, investigations and indicent response, as well as forensics. I am also a full time student, currently finishing up my undergrad in Computer Science, with plans to start my masters shortly after.

During my free time I enjoy reverse engineering and security research, participating in CTFs and Cyber Defense Competitions, working on projects, playing video games, hiking, and petting dogs. Oh, and sometimes I give talks, mostly at regional academic conferences. Now that I am spending more of my time doing research related things, I thought having a security blog made a lot of sense.

I hope to be posting more soon, so check back from time to time if you are curious to see what I’m up to.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me if you wanna say hello. I’m on Keybase!

<3 m0x